Natural History Meets Personal History

For people interested in the science behind the ideas in Inner Geographies, I am posting a copy of a book chapter which resulted from a workshop I taught at a conferences at Wake Forest University “Creativity: Worlds in the Making” in 2009. Here is the full reference to the chapter, which should be included in any references to this material:

LaMoreaux, H. K. 2013.  “Natural History Meets Personal History: Clorpt, Cores and Reference Slides” in Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Changing Currents in Education and Public Life Book, L., and Phillips, D. (Eds.) Edward Elgar Publishing, Northhampton.

The entire book is fascinating and explores creativity in multiple contexts.  My chapter explains the reasoning behind why science, art and creative writing should be connected, and then explains my modified Clorpt model, lifecores, and reference slides in an academic context.

To access the chapter, click here: LaMoreaux Clorpt Paper

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts/comments about this style of thinking, the projects listed, and if/how others might use these ideas in their academic courses.

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