Preparing for the Journey

This page includes information about items and ideas that will prepare you for your journey inward.

A few of my favorite things....


Art Supply sites:


Pencils, Paints and Brushes


  • Watercolor papers.  These papers are ideal if you want to work in water-based media or paint.  If you want a rough texture choose “cold press.”  If you want a smooth texture, use “hot press.”  You can buy by the sheet (often huge sheets) or in pads.  I like watercolor postcards (4×6) for small projects, and large pads for larger maps.  You can browse online or at a store to find paper that appeals to you.
  • Watercolor printer paper.  I’m currently experimenting with this.  I like to create a sketch, ink it in, then transfer it to watercolor paper with a photocopy machine.  Then I add color to the photocopy and re-ink the lines.  I just purchased 11×17″ InkPress Watercolor Rag paper so I can transfer larger maps.
  • Sketchbooks.  This is a matter of choice.  I’d recommend bound rather than spiral books because bound books are less likely to smudge your pencil work.
  • Old classroom maps.  You know – the kind that roll up.  These make great canvases in themselves – add your details to the map details – or can be covered with spray gesso to create a new canvas.
  • Vellum (with or without lines). This paper is tough, transparent, and fun to use with pencil or ink.  Not recommended for watercolor pencil, but OK with prismacolors.


  • Paper Glues.  I’d recommend Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Glue (like Elmers).  I’ve also used glue sticks and glue dots for paper projects.  You can also brush on Elmers or Weldbond (below) when bookbinding.
  • Heavy-duty glues.  My favorites are E-6000 and Weldbond.  E-6000 will glue anything to anything and works for my leather, paper, and assemblage (3D-collage) projects.  Weldbond looks like Elmer’s but is much stronger.  I use this with leather and for making awesome paper mache.  DO NOT use superglue (it leaves white residue and disintigrates after a while) or glue guns (not really a permanent solution).


  • American Science and Surplus.  This site has EVERYTHING – sometimes :).  I highly recommend the printed catalog because it is really “punny” and fun to read.  The website is easy to navigate and has all sorts of science supplies, art supplies, craft supplies, and weird things you didn’t know you need.
  • Home Science Tools.  This site is the cheapest site I’ve found for petri dishes, microscope slides, coverslips, and slide boxes.

BOOKS (“textbooks” for my LIBS 320D Inner Geographies course and other favorites)

NATURALIST SUPPLIES AND INFORMATION (I also enjoy nature journaling)

A WONDERFUL nature journal site by John Muir (Jack) Laws

A wonderful messenger bag for taking your supplies outside or into coffee shops! This bag is comfortable, handy and durable

Here is an awesome field guide set for the SF Bay area  (these are waterproof cards that have plant and animal species from different habitats…

Best binoculars EVER… SO fun to work with and good for close-up (insects) and far away (birds).  Worth the price.×21-binoculars


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