Relief (Topography) (R)

Relief (topography) (R) in soil science often includes the “where” of soil development, the specific place on the surface of the earth where the soil is found. Additionally, topography can influence the depth of a soil, as deeper in flat places and shallower on hill slopes. Topography will also influence susceptibility of a soil to mass wasting events like soil creep (the slow movement of soil downhill), or landslides (rapid movement of soil downhill).
In personal history, “relief” includes:
  • Personal connections to specific places, including “topophilia,” or love of a place.
  • Memories as they occur in specific places. Concepts of ”home”, archetypal affinities for certain types of landscapes.
Here are some place maps.  My deepest thanks to the artists for sharing their perspectives of place.

Here are some student maps of Sonoma State University.

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