Time (T)

Time, (T)  in soil science, relates to the length of time that soil modification of parent material has been at work.  Young soils, which have sustained barely any modification of parent materials, usually have a separate classification, Entisols. Most well-developed soils are millions of years old, which is one reason that many people consider soils to be a non-renewable resource. Time is absolutely necessary for soil formation to occur.
Time (T) in personal history includes:
•When events occur
•How you spend your time
•How time affects you
•Create a personal timeline
•Possible futures
•Temporal causality
One of the best ways to explore the variable of time in your life is to create a LifeCore or EventCore.  Some of these images are in the gallery below.  Others can be found on the LifeCore and EventCore page (access from link in the top menu).   Thanks to the artists willing to share their lives!

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