Additional Factors

Additional factors that influence personal formation include:

  1. Stasis and Growth (S/G).  Some processes are not continuous, but are often cyclical.
  2. Disturbances/Crises (D/C). Some life events are so devastating or altering, that they deserve to be grouped in a different category than “climate,” which usually averages of change over longer periods of time. In personal history, these changes might be divorce, death, movement to a new location, war, or a rapid change in life view.
  3. Deposition and Erosion (D/E).  Most erosional forces like wind, water and ice both destroy (erode) and create (deposit). Often in our personal lives, events or forces that seem to be solely destructive are also simultaneously creative.  
  4. Isolations and Discontinuitie (I/D). Sometimes events in someone’s life may lead them to places of isolation, either spatial or emotional, or to disconnections to people or places which were once familiar.  These events and situations may lead a person to “speciate” – to create a new form of self or new ways of reacting to the world that would not have occurred without isolation or discontinuity.

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