LifeCores and EventCores

Part of the variable Time (T) in Cl+O+R+P+T

LifeCores  are diagrams created by someone to show the major events, major periods, and “natural history” of their life using the metaphor of scientific cores and coring.  An individual can map out the history of their life as if it were a sediment core, a stalactite, a stalagmite, a tree core, or by using other creative forms.

EventCores are like LifeCores but examine a shorter period of time, an event, or a relationship in detail.  This smaller slice of time allows for deeper focus on a shorter event.

My deepest thanks to the artists who allowed me to showcase their LifeCore and EventCore Diagrams.

Here are some examples of LifeCores and EventCores as sediment diagrams:

Here are examples of LifeCores as tree cross sections, stalactites or other creative forms.

LifeCores and EventCores are the intellectual property of Riversteadt LaMoreaux (Heidi K. LaMoreaux), Ph.D.  All rights reserved.

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